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About Us


As we Alesta Diving and Underwater Services Industry Trade Limited Company so that  giving better service , we’ve gone into  facility with our professional staff and new title in 2010 September. Definite part of our works that done and given services with our professional staff and 20 yeared experience submitted for your information without order of importance.

  • Underwater Survey Services
  • Seachest Cleaning and Propeller Polishing
  • Mantling Processess
  • Ship Loading and Unloading Systems
  • Petroleum Pipeline Maintenance and Repair
  • Buoy Maintenance and Repair
  • Ship Salvation and Wreckage Removal
  • Damaged Ship Weld Cutting, Maintenance and Repair
  • Rov Services
  • Fiberoptic Cable Laying
  • Anchor Extraction
  • Auto Hook Systems
  • Fender Mantling and Dismantling