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Job and Health Policy


“SAFETY FIRST” policy starting from the top-ranking quality production and service in carrying out the activities of protection of the health and safety of the work environment of working with our company, the following considerations are based on continuous improvement continuous supply of commitment;

■ To provide elimination of the risks of worker’s health and safety
■ To provide continuous improvement in OHS issues;
■ OHS-related legislation and regulation in particular;
■ All company employees and all subcontractors ‘ employees to be aware of their individual responsibility in order to provide OHS training to give;
■ OHS Policy periodically to ensure compliance to the terms by reviewing;
■ Workers ‘ Health and safety in order to ensure the continuous development of OHS is to share their experiences mutually.
Our company believes that all accidents can be prevented and that sense of constant self-improvement and goal, thanks to a zero accident Policy will be achieved.